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GERICS Online Colloquium

ContributorMasahiro Hashizume, MD PhD - Department of Global Health Policy Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, Japan
HostGERICS // online colloquium
Time11 am
InformationMasahiro Hashizume, MD PhD - Seasonality, diarrhoea and climate change
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    Seasonality, diarrhoea and climate change


Diarrhoea is one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity globally, predominantly affecting children in developing countries. The incidence of many diarrhoeal diseases shows clear seasonality suggesting that weather factors could play a role. Previous studies have projected diarrheal excess deaths due to climate change. This talk will discuss the updated projection of the excess diarrheal deaths due to climate change and potential explanations why seasonal variations could be produced.

General information

GERICS Online Colloquium „Our Future in a Changing Climate”

Science-based solutions are key for a climate resilient Europe, the adaptation to the impact of climate change and the ability to adapt and transform societies to a low carbon lifestyle (the Paris lifestyle). The development and implementation of such solutions are our major challenges today. Transdisciplinary and interactive research on climate adaptation and transformation is therefore a prerequisite in supporting societal change.

To strengthen the interactions between GERICS and partners and in order to enhancing collaborations within Hereon and with national and international institutions, GERICS is organizing an online colloquium series on “Our Future in a Changing Climate”, focusing not only on the field of climate adaptation and transformation but on a variety of topics related to climate change impact. On the one hand GERICS wants to present progress on research and publications as well as on climate service products and activities. On the other hand, new insights and new emerging fields of interests shall be discussed internally and externally with invited guests and partners. With the colloquium research ideas and exchanges will be facilitated in a new and creative way of interacting.

External (national and international) guests and experts are frequently invited to share ideas and opinions, and to jointly develop new fields of collaborations.

The lectures are held in English.

Location: Currently online (Zoom Webinar).

Time: GERICS Online Colloquium takes place on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. or 4:00 p.m. CEST (depending on availability of international guests).

• Maria Wolff (organization)
• Tania Guillén (invitation of international guests)
• Uwe Kehlenbeck (advertisement and website)
• Katerina Davydok (administration)

The dates of the colloquium series

DateTimeLecturerLecture title (click title for abstract)
July 1311 amMasahiro Hashizume, MD PhD - Department of Global Health Policy Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, JapanSeasonality, diarrhoea and climate change
June 111 amProf. Tzu-Ping LIN - Distinguished Professor, Department of Architecture, Vice Dean, College of Planning and Design, National Cheng Kung University, TaiwanMeasuring and monitoring urban heat island effects and high resolution heat mapping in urban environment – and some interesting adaptation stories
May 114 pmDr. Peter Greve - Research Scholar - Water Program
IIASA - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Uncertain water resources in a changing world - Co-designed pathways toward sustainable water futures
April 204 pmProf. Dr. Bernhard Schuldt - Julius-von-Sachs-Institute of Biological Sciences, University of WürzburgHow predictable is the future of forested ecosystems in a changing climate?
March 304 pmDr. Sari Kovats - Associate Professor in the Department of Public Health, Environments and Society in the Faculty of Public Health and Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UKAdaptation response to climate change with a focus on health and resilience
March 94 pmDipl. Ing. Jens Hasse - Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik gGmbH (Difu), Leitung Zentrum KlimaAnpassungDas Zentrum KlimaAnpassung: Orientierung, Beratung und bundesweite Vernetzung für Kommunen und soziale Einrichtungen
January 264 pmProf. Wolfgang Beywl - senior professor at the School of Education, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and founder (since 1997) and co-owner of Univation - Evaluation Institute, Cologne, Germany.Evaluation Science and Transdisciplinary Research - On the Threshold of a Next Transformation? The significance of values and criteria
November 243 pmMaria del Pilar Bueno - Member of UNFCCC adaptation committee/ National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (Argentina)Adaptation in the multilateral climate architecture of the Convention
October 134 pmProf. Dr. Dirk Neumann - Chairholder for Information Systems Research at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of FreiburgPredicting residential electricity consumption using aerial and street view images
September 224 pmSirkku Juhola - Professor of urban environmental policy, University of Helsinki, FinlandGaps in Adaptation: Research and policy
September 14 pmDr. Paul V. Desanker - Manager, Response Subdivision, Adaptation Division, United Nations Climate Change SecretariatA Global Open NAP
June 234 pmDr. Moumini Savadogo - Executive Director of WASCAL
& Dr. Thierry Fotso-Nguemo - Participant of ClimapAfrica/WASCAL programme
WASCAL - West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use
June 94 pmProf. Dr. Hermann Held - Universität HamburgCost Effective Energy Scenarios to Meet Temperature Targets: Does a Hedging Approach Change Economic Policy Recommendations?
26 May5 pmProf. Dr. David Bruhn & Dr. Sven Fuchs – GFZ Helmholtz-Zentrum PotsdamUnlocking the potential of the German subsurface: heat and CO2 storage are safe options for achieving Net-Zero
12 May10.30 amProf. Dr. Shih-Chun Candice Lung (IEH & RCEC)
Prof. Dr. Yue-Gau Chen (RCEC)
Transdisciplinary research on heat-health warning System
21 April4 pmKlaus Goergen, Alexandre Belleflamme, Sebastian Bathiany & Diana Rechid – FZ Jülich & GERICSADAPTER: Simulation-based products for a weather- and climate-resilient agriculture in Germany
14 April5 pmKristie Ebi - University of Washington
Burning embers: synthesis of the health risks of climate change
17 March5 pmRachel Warren - Tyndall Center, UKImplications of Global Warming of 1.5-4°C in Six Vulnerable Countries