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Water Innovation Week Porto

NAIAD Porto Maria und Eulalia

María Máñez and Eulalia Gómez presenting the NAIAD project © GERICS

The last week of September within the Water Innovation Week in Porto, Portugal, the European Innovation Platform Water Conference 2017 and the Mayors & Water Conference 2017 took place. The project NAIAD (The insurance value of Ecosystems Assessment and Demonstration) found a very good frame to present its results during the meetings and get attention on the importance of nature-based-solutions in a changing climate.

María Máñez and Eulalia Gómez presented the work done in GERICS within the NAIAD project on the establishment of a open-web platform for knowledge integration to facilitate the access to climate information to end-users of the products of NAIAD. NAIAD has an special emphasis on insurance companies by having developed the concept of Natural Assurance Schemes (see for more information under the following link.

Natural Assurance Scheme: A level playing field framework for Green-Grey infrastructure development Author links open overlay panel

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