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ISIMIP2b workshop in Potsdam


On October 9 - 10 2017 the ISIpedia / ISIMIP workshop took place at PIK in Potsdam, Germany.

GERICS was invited as stakeholder for the first workshop of the recently launched project ISIpedia (The open intersectorcal impacts encyclopedia). The aim of the project is to enhance the userfriendliness of the ouptut of the ISIMIP project (The Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project).

What it was about

A new ERA4CS funded project has started with the coordination at PIK. It is about
establishing a user-friendly, easily- and freely-accessible source of cross-sectoral and
cross-disciplinary consistent impact projections derived from ISIMIP. Aim of ISIpedia is
also to define and launch the next round of ISIMIP simulations for end of next year.

Workshop output can be found here

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