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Climate Change, Decarbonization and the Urban Energy Transition

GERICS attended the workshop "Climate Change, Decarbonization and the Urban Energy Transition", where the challenges and opportunities for an urban transition under climate change were discussed.

The two-day workshop (October 12 -13 2017) was organized by the Excellence cluster CLISAP of the University of Hamburg, and was aiming for developing key concepts and synthesizing the state of the art of urban transformation processes in relation to climate change, decarbonization and energy transition. Thematically the workshop was motivated by the worldwide growing urbanization which leads to a spatial concentration of population, economic activity and mobility on the one hand and by increasing CO2 emissions and climate change on the other. In order to promote pathways towards urban energy transition and decarbonization several strategies should be considered. Among those, the production, distribution and consumption of renewable energy are relevant key areas.

Roger Cremades CLISAP Workshop

GERICS staff member Roger Cremades holding his presentation

There is still a lack of systematic integration of concepts, models and empirical evidence, combined with an insufficient knowledge base and a broad range of uncoordinated and dispersed solutions.

GERICS participated and contributed with an oral presentation on how to compute complex climate-smart urban forms, to help cities plan their land use taking into account adaptation to and mitigation of climate change.

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