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Nature-Based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use (NBS 2017)

Task force meeting on "Data Management and EU NBS Knowledge Repository"

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During the flagship conference of the Presidency of the Estonian Republic of the Council of the European Union „Nature-Based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use (NBS 2017)“ held in Tallinn, Estonia, from the 24th –26th of October 2017, a task force meeting on "Data Management and EU NBS Knowledge Repository" took place.

Maria Manez Eulalia Gomez at NBS2017

María Máñez and Eulalia Gómez

María Máñez was invited as an expert to participate in the task force. Eulalia Gómez also participated as NAIAD co-worker. Discussions focussed on solutions inspired and supported by nature that provide simultaneously environmental, social and economic benefits and help to build resilience. Mainly the needs for data architectures and repositories were exposed.

The contribution of GERICS was on the importance for a cumulative data storage with social data on needs and risk perceptions. This suggestion went in line with the needs expressed by the Commission on having access to narratives that can transform thinking and actions towards a more intense use of Nature Based Solutions in planning in general. Mainstreaming of NBS is of extreme relevance for supporting Europe’s implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDG13 on climate actions is the cross-cutting goal among the SDGs for which GERICS is developing research in the frame of NAIAD.

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