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The fifth INNOVA project E-zine on Urban Climate Adaptation

Focus theme: Taiwan megacity Kaohsiung – How to beat extreme climate events in the tropical metropole in Taiwan

The fifth INNOVA ezine presents the activities and background of the Taiwan city of Kaohsiung as part of the INNOVA project.

Titel INNOVA ezine Kaohsiung lang

This ezine highlights the challenges related to climate change within the metropolitan area. The densely populated city suffers rising temperature and extreme weather events as a result of climate change. Consequences are damage of infrastructure and industrial facilities, problems with environmental hygiene and declined agricultural and fisheries production. To cope with these problems a wide range of measures has been taken which are described in the ezine.

The ezine was initiated by INNOVA (‘innovation in climate services provision’) project and is funded by the European Research Area for Climate Services(ERA4CS).

INNOVA ezine #5 further information on INNOVA further information on ERA4CS