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Impact factor for the journal "Climate Services”

The peer-reviewed, scientific journal Climate Services has been selected for an Impact Factor from June 2021 onward. The Impact Factor is another milestone on the journal's road to success.

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The value of the Impact Factor provides insight in how often the articles of a particular journal are cited in other scientific publications. This measure is commonly used to assess the performance of a scientific journal.

In cooperation with Elsevier, the Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) had developed the Climate Services journal, with a new format targeting the science, as well as practice community. The first issue of the journal was published in March 2016. Until then, there was no scientific journal in the field of climate services aiming at both scientists and practitioners. This gap was closed with the establishment of the Climate Services journal.

The Open Access journal, which is published four times a year, brings science and application together and also serves as a platform for exchange between scientists and actors in practice.

In the area of climate services, science-based information on past, present and possible future climate is developed in a user-specific way. The aim is to support the various decision-makers in society in dealing with climate change and adapt to climate change.

The target group of the journal includes actors from business, administration, politics and science. This is reflected in the articles, which consist of a scientific and a strongly application-oriented part (practical implications). The practical implications represent, in themselves, the essential information of the scientific publication for decision makers.

Climate scientist Prof. Dr. Daniela Jacob, head of GERICS and the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, is pleased about this milestone: "It is nice that the journal is becoming even better known in this way. I cordially invite scientists and practitioners from this broad field of work to publish their work with us".

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