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Start of the GERICS Online Colloquium Series

Our Future in a Changing Climate

Science-based solutions are key for a climate resilient Europe, the adaptation to the impact of climate change and the ability to adapt and transform societies to a low carbon lifestyle (the Paris lifestyle). The development and implementation of such solutions are our major challenges today. Transdisciplinary and interactive research on climate adaptation and transformation is therefore a prerequisite in supporting societal change.

To strengthen the interactions between GERICS and partners and in order to enhancing collaborations within HZG and with national and international institutions, GERICS is organizing an online colloquium series on “Our Future in a Changing Climate”, focusing not only on the field of climate adaptation and transformation but on a variety of topics related to climate change impact. On the one hand GERICS wants to present progress on research and publications as well as on climate service products and activities. On the other hand, new insights and new emerging fields of interests shall be discussed internally and externally with invited guests and partners. With the colloquium research ideas and exchanges will be facilitated in a new and creative way of interacting.

External (national and international) guests and experts are frequently invited to share ideas and opinions, and to jointly develop new fields of collaborations.

The lectures are held in English.

Current lecture on 17 March 2021

The GERICS colloquium series starts on March 17 2021 at 5pm with a lecture by
Rachel Warren, Professor of Global Change and Environmental Biology, Tyndall Centre, UK

Title of the talk: Implications of Global Warming of 1.5-4°C in Six Vulnerable Countries

Abstract: Nations tend to conduct independent climate change risk assessments using widely different scenarios and modelling approaches, making comparison of risks between different countries difficult. I will present the findings of a recently completed project funded by the UK Department of Business and Industrial Strategy that conducted a consistent and harmonised assessment of the risks associated with 1.5° to 4°C of global warming above preindustrial levels in six separate nations. The project considers risks associated with drought, water stress, fluvial and coastal flooding, crop yields and biodiversity. It continues to explore some of the implications of these projected risks for regional economic and natural capital. The findings are submitted to Climatic Change as a Topical Collection, guest edited by GERICS Director Prof Daniela Jacob and GERICS scientist Tania Guillen.

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