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Coastal seas & their role towards Net-Zero 2050

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In order to achieve the necessary ambitious climate targets, a profound societal transformation is required, consisting of many building blocks. These include technical innovations as well as behavioral changes in the population. Both are necessary and contribute to reducing emissions of climate-damaging gases such as carbon dioxide, methane or nitrous oxide. However, reducing emissions of these substances will no longer be enough to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Additional measures will be needed to remove substances already emitted from the atmosphere.

GERICS supports this path of societal transformation with contributions to two new research projects. Both research projects pursue innovative approaches to climate change mitigation in a marine context.

We explain what we need to know about coastal seas and their role towards the Net-Zero 2050 target and how we encourage a better understanding of future coasts and their role in Net-Zero pathways.

Coastal seas & their role towards Net-Zero 2050

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