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Science for Climate Services and Action - Reflections on the COP26

New GERICS article on openaccessgovernment.org

In this article we review the impact of COP26 on climate services and what this means going forward for the pivotal role of science and science-based decisions.

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The rate and magnitude of change do not have precedent for humankind. Ecosystems and societies need to adapt to these new conditions. Moreover, they need to prepare for higher levels of warming. To plan, design, and implement adaptation actions, governments (at all levels) and communities need access to the best science available. The COP26 decision “calls upon the research community to further the understanding of global, regional and local impacts of climate change, response options and adaptation needs”. The scientific community needs to act upon that call.

Climate services provide information to support society to adapt to and mitigate climate change, to become more resilient and to prepare for current and future climate risks. To make these services usable, it is essential to integrate local experts and practitioners early on in the co-development of the products, to inform decision-making processes. The COP26 had some take-aways and lessons for some of the key sectors for climate services development. Here, we share some insights to those take-aways and lessons.

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