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New book on the integration of Data Science and Earth System Science

Buchcover Integrating Data Science and Earth Science - Challenges and Solutions

Together with partners, GERICS has published a new book on novel workflows for applying data science methods for earth science research. These methods include approaches for analysis and model simulations, including machine learning (ML) and visualisation, in addition to quality assessment and quality control for observational earth science data.

The book reports on the Digital Earth project in 9 chapters. In the Digital Earth project, 8 Helmholtz centres active in the field of Earth and Environment research in Germany collaborated on applying novel data science methods in different fields of the Earth Sciences.

It contains the results of three years collaboration between earth scientists and data scientist, in developing and applying data science methods for scientific discovery to selected problems, including case studies on flooding (catchment to coast) and methane emissions. The book will be highly beneficial for other researchers at senior and graduate level, interested in applying visual data exploration, computational approaches and scientific workflows.

The book is available as Open Access publication, and has been published with Springer in the series Briefs in Earth System Sciences.

Publication: Integrating Data Science and Earth Science: Challenges and Solutions


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