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Regional Modelling for Geesthacht

New GERICS publication: City Series 04 & 05

Cover City Series 04

In order to support municipalities in adapting to the impacts of climate change, new approaches have been developed and applied as part of the GERICS city tool kit. These prototype product developments have been carried out in close exchange with the Environment and Building Department of the City of Geesthacht. A key goal of this work is to illustrate that the use of - also simplified - digital models of the city can be good planning tools to analyze possible impacts of climate change on a small scale. Based on this, adaptation measures can be planned, justified and implemented in the context of urban development.

The GERICS City Series 4, co-produced by GERICS scientists Steffen Bender, Markus Groth and Thea Wübbelmann, deals with the use of the precipitation-runoff model HEC-RAS, whereby various scenarios of possible heavy rainfall events were modelled for some central and peripheral areas of the urban area of Geesthacht.

Cover City Series 05

GERICS City Series 5, produced by the GERICS team of Steffen Bender, Markus Groth, Martina Schubert-Frisius and Janna-Malin Gehrke, models the current heat stress situation for the central area of the city of Geesthacht using the PALM-4U urban climate model.

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