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Dr. Roger Cremades

Roger Cremades

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Dr. Roger Cremades (Rodeja) studied Forestry Engineering (BSc), Environmental Science (BSc), Environmental Economics (MSc) and obtained his PhD in Geosciences. His research is trans-disciplinary, cutting across economics, policy-making, natural resources, climate change and service to stakeholders.

Roger started his professional career as consultant on urban sustainability and participatory planning in 2008. Before he was a trainee on urban sustainability (Agenda 21) in the environmental office of Gandia municipality (Spain).

While at Cranfield and at the International Max Planck Research School on Earth System Modelling, Roger expanded his interests towards the economics of natural resources in a finite planet, and focused on the nexus of water, land and energy under diverse environmental, technological and socio-economic contexts. He is a pioneer of the economics of the nexus.

Currently, Roger is bringing back to cities and climate services his experiences with nexus approaches and global change modelling, e.g. by developing novel evidence-based computational approaches for guiding urban growth and transformation, using spatially-explicit approaches that account for urban fractals, i.a.

Roger has experience with a variety of modelling tools, including dynamical systems, global integrated assessment models, econometric models, partial equilibrium models, spatially-explicit optimization, cellular automata, and tools such as cost-efficiency analyses or multi-criteria assessments. Overall he has more than 15 years of experience in global change related jobs in public administrations, private business and international research institutions. He participates in different research projects in the research frontier of human interactions with global change, and has substantial international experience, particularly in China and India.

Within the Earth-Doc network, Roger works on counterfactuals and frontiers in the economics of socio-ecological dynamics. He focuses on urban spaces as hubs of socio-ecological dynamics in the Earth system and on the economics of urban transformation, with a vocation for service.

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