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Dr. Torsten Weber

Torsten Weber N

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Dr. Torsten Weber is a scientific staff member at the Climate Service Center Germany and works on the EU funded project “LIFE LOCAL ADAPT”. This project aims at supporting climate change adaptation measures for small to medium-sized municipalities in Saxony, Styria, North-West Czech Republic and Vidzeme. In order to improve the resilience of European municipalities and regions to adverse negative impacts of climate change such as heavy rain, heat and drought; the project has four key objectives: I) Implementation of specific climate change adaptation measures in cooperation with municipalities, II) Integration of climate change adaptation into the administrative practice of local authorities, III) Enhancing the knowledge of municipalities on climate change adaptation, and IV) Improving the data and information base on climate change impacts.

After working as a commercial employee for a shipyard, he studied meteorology at the Freie Universität Berlin. For his PhD studies he relocated to the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg. During this time he was a member of the Emmy Noether Junior Resarch Group “Cloud Climate Feedbacks“ and a student at the International Max Planck Research School on Earth System Modelling (IMPRS-ESM). For his PhD thesis Torsten analyzed the impact of inhomogeneities on non-linear cloud processes as for instance the cloud and precipitation formation in a global climate model.

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