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Eulalia Gómez Martín

Eulalia Gomez

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Eulalia Gómez Martín works in NAIAD project studying Nature Based Solutions (NBS) and their role in reducing the human and economic costs of risks associated with water (floods and draughts). Her role in NAIAD project is to integrate physical and socio-economic data to create an integration chain that facilitates decision making in the context of NBS.

She has always been passionate about understanding how tiny changes can influence the function and structure of whole landscapes. For this reason, she has focused her research career towards studying the complex ecological relationships and their interactions with anthropic activities.

Eulalia graduated from the University of Valencia with a BSc in Biology. She holds an MSc in Environmental Conservation awarded by the University of Greenwich, London. After her studies, she has participated in different research projects involving freshwater ecology, ecosystem services valuation, landscape characterization, forestry management and Agent Based Models.

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