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Dr. Stefanie Trümper

Stefanie Truemper

Phone: +49 (0) 40 226 338 460
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Dr. Stefanie Trümper joined GERICS in June 2021. She supports the knowledge transfer in the Cluster of Excellence "Climate, Climatic Change, and Society (CLICCS)" and the work of the GERICS Director, who acts as one of three co-chairs of the Science Platform Sustainability 2030 (wpn 2030).

Previously, she was personal assistant to the President at HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) and research associate at the German Climate Consortium (DKK) in Berlin, where she led the conception and coordination of the K3 Congress on "Climate Communication in Times of Social Transformation."

Stefanie received her PhD in communication studies at the University of Hamburg in 2016. There she was actively involved in research and teaching at the Institute for Journalism and Communication Studies and the Cluster of Excellence “Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction (CliSAP)”. After her doctorate, she worked in the operational coordination of the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU) and conducted research on digital innovation in higher education at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH).

Stefanie studied media culture at the University of Bremen and journalism at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.