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The third-party funded project CLIM4ENERGY is part of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) program. This European service will provide access to climate and climate change information covering identified climate drivers as well as expected climate impacts, with the aim to support adaptation and mitigation.

In this framework, a Sectoral Information System (SIS) will be established to provide access to tailored climate indicators, targeting primary users (e.g. EU industry and policy development).

CLIM4ENERGY will contribute to the C3S SIS by providing essential climate variables specific for the energy sector. Thus, experts from scientific institutions and industry stakeholders will jointly co-design energy-relevant climate indicators of climate trends and variability blended with sector-specific information. These indicators will be complemented with cross-sectoral consistency, appropriate documentation and guidance, estimation of uncertainties, and demonstration of use.

The following energy sector branches are covered: wind power, hydropower, oil and gas offshore assets, freezing rain, bioenergy production conditions, electricity demand-generation balance.

GERICS contributes to CLIM4ENERGY by synthesizing how climate information is used by different energy producers, grid operators and traders, how they depend on climate and weather and how they can benefit from climate services. This will be condensed in a focus-paper about climate and climate change information usage within the energy sector, and complemented by fact-sheets, providing a synthesis of the climate change impacts, energy sector vulnerability and products created within this project. Those fact-sheets will contain synthesized information about the specific products co-designed together with the industry stakeholders for each energy sector branch, including expert judgments as well as guidance on how to use the climate indicators. In order to obtain comparable results from the different activities, common standards for the results to guarantee the quality and consistency of the visualization will be established.

CLIM4ENERGY is lead by CEA (France).


Deliverable D6.5.0 _Focus paper on climate change in the energy sector and progress report on fact sheets and user guidance


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