Secretariats at GERICS

Climate Services Partnership (CSP)

In the frame of the worldwide Climate Services Partnership (CSP), GERICS has a leading role. GERICS was substantially involved in establishing the international CSP in 2010. CSP is an informal, interdisciplinary network of climate information users, providers, donors and researchers. The platform helps to share knowledge exchange and cooperation in the field of climate services. The CSP secretariat is hosted by GERICS since June 2015. The basic tasks of the secretariat include the creation of the CSP Newsletter, the management of the CSP website, and the organization of the Fifth International Conference on Climate Services (ICCS5) in Capetown, South Africa.

Homepage CSP CSP Newsletter Fifth International Conference on Climate Services (ICCS5)

The Earth League

In early 2013, GERICS was substantially involved in establishing the Earth League. Earth League is an international alliance of prominent scientists from world‐class research institutions (currently 17 from 11 countries), who look to work together to respond to some of the most pressing issues faced by humankind, as a consequence of climate change, depletion of natural resources, land degradation and water scarcity.

The Earth league secretary is operated by GERICS. Its responsibilities include the organization of international workshops, media coordination, support in coordination of international post-doc programmes, coordination of publications and the creation and management of the Earth League website and newsletter.

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Administrative office of Helmholtz-Institut Climate Service Science (HICSS)

Since June 2016 scientists of University of Hamburg and Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) cooperate in the frame of the new Helmholtz-Institut Climate Service Science (HICSS). HICSS will pool common competencies of GERICS, a scientific organizational entity of HZG, and University of Hamburg in natural, social and economic sciences for the research area „Climate Service Science“. The administrative office of HICSS will be established at GERICS.

Helmholtz-Institut Climate Service Science (HICSS)

Editorial Office of Journal „Climate Services“

The new Journal „Climate Services“, which has been initiated jointly by GERICS and Elsevier, is online since June 2015. Chief Editor is GERICS director Daniela Jacob. Experts from different disciplines constitute the journal’s editorial board. So far no journal existed in the field of climate services, which addressed both scientist and experts in practical applications. This gap is now closed. The editorial office of the journal is managed by GERICS.

Journal Climate Services