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System dynamics modelling

System dynamics is a modelling approach that supports the understanding of the non-linear behavior of complex systems over time. It supports the framing, understating and discussion of complex problems.
System dynamics also support the connection of different models providing a basis for quantitative and qualitative system analysis.

In GERICS we develop system dynamic models for different purposes including also work in some of the Horizon2020 projects in which we are involved.

Cost-benefit-analysis and related methods

Cost-benefit-analysis (CBA) are an additional approach to provide decision-support. Depending on the specific decision context CBA can vary in their complexity and detailedness. They are used to compare different options available to achieve a specific goal. In the context of the environment or climate it is often difficult to express all relevant information in monetary units. Is this the case, related methods such as cost-effectiveness-analysis (CEA) or cost-utility-analysis (CUA) could be an alternative approach.