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Review of practical and user serviceability of an urban climate model to foster climate proof urban development

Urban Climate under Change

The funding program „Urban Climate under Change“ of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) aims at developing a new and practice-oriented urban climate model that allows simulating present and future climate and air pollution problems in urban areas.

One key objective of the funding measure is the development, validation and application of high-resolution urban climate models. Existing urban climate models are either too coarse to resolve processes on the micro-scale, or they only cover smaller urban areas and cannot be linked to large-scale numerical models.

In order for a high-resolution climate model to be able to contribute to the solution of the aforementioned problems, this must first be tested and evaluated in terms of its performance. For this purpose, comprehensive data sets on weather, climate and air quality parameters are needed, which are not always available. Thus, a concept for monitoring these parameters is needed.

Another essential requirement for a new urban climate model is its practicality. This means that the model results have to provide reliable information for a variety of specific applications. On the other hand the requirements on computer infrastructure and expertise of potential users need to be met. Therefore, there is another key objective of the funding measure to integrate selected application examples and user groups directly in the model development and data collection, to ensure the practicality of urban climate model and measurement concepts and analysis tools.

UseUClim Projektflyer (308 KB)Handbuch – PALM-4U für die Praxis (7,3 MB)

UseUClim Workshop

Workshop zu den Nutzeranforderungen an das neue Stadtklimamodell, der am 03. Mai 2017 gemeinsam mit dem Schwester-Projekt KliMoPrax am GERICS durchgeführt wurde. UseUClim Stadtklimamodell Workshop

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