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Non-Hydrostatic Climate Modelling - Part II

NHCM-2 is an international research cooperation managed by the Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change (WEGC), Graz, Austria. The project is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) with the project number P24758-N29.

The major aim of NHCM2 is to investigate the largely unknown performance of convection-permitting (~3 km grid spacing) climate simulations in the European Alpine region for the present time period. Within the project, sensitivity studies with different non-hydrostatic regional climate models are conducted. The aim is to estimate the ability of the models to represent important climate processes in the region and to derive new model configurations for the next generation of long-term climate simulations from convection permitting models in the Alpine region.

We are contributing to NHCM- 2 with the newly-developed non-hydrostatic version of its regional climate model REMO called REMO-NH.

For more information on the project see also the project webpage at the WEGC. Project webpage Wegener Center