Regional Climate Modelling

There is a strong demand of decision makers and practitioners for spatially and temporally high-resolution climate change information, which is needed at regional to local levels as well as on different time perspectives regarding activities towards climate change adaptation. Therefore GERICS is currently involved in several research projects and activities. The overall objective is to better understand and provide climate change projections at fine spatial resolutions and to develop and test models and tools for providing climate change information at a local scale.

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With high-resolution regional climate projections, spatially detailed and comprehensive climate data can be generated as a basis for tailored information products. For the quality assessment of climate information so-called multi-modell multi-scenario ensembles of climate projections are used. This allows reliable statements on bandwidths, robustness and uncertainties. Additionally, the interactive coupling of the different parts of the climate system in climate models is in the research focus.

Currently ongoing third party funded projects and activities in which we participate in the area of regional climate modelling (in alphabetical order):

Third party funded projects